To manage and scale your campaigns efficiently, we've created the following easy-to-read analytic tools:

  • Account Stats Dashboard (Overview)
  • Campaign Stats Dashboard (Detailed)

Account Stats Dashboard

We designed the Account Level Stats Dashboard to provide our sellers with a convenient overview of all campaigns. It's an overview of the most important selling statistics of each of your campaigns displayed by the order of your choice. 

The Account Stats Dashboard includes:

  • Total Profit (Within your desired time frame)
  • Total Orders
  • Total Garments
  • Total Non-garments Items 
  • Total Views
  • Conversion rate
  • Total Revenue
  • Average Profit Value

Click on each of these titles to rearrange display accordingly. 

To access your Account Stats Dashboard, go to Stats located on the very top of the page. 

Campaign Stats Dashboard

Campaign Stats Board provides a detailed breakdown of your campaigns performance including:

  • Total Profit
  • Total Sold
  • Total Orders
  • Page Views
  • Product Distribution
  • Order Times
  • Product Breakdown
  • US State Distribution
  • Country Distribution
  • Tracking URLs
  • Upsell Views, Conversions, & Conversion Rates.

We recommend to analyze trends of the most popular products for each particular niche and include them in your advertising image. Take notes of the most popular selling times and allocate your advertising budget accordingly. Also, it's important to keep track of the best converting locations and make separate ad sets dedicated to each of these best performing locations.