TeeChip campaigns normally perform best when the audience you’ve determined is narrowed down to a smaller niche. Now that you've identified the audience, it's time to dive into your niche. 

To find your niche is to accomplish one of the most important steps in your TeeChip journey. While an audience shares a broader common interest, a niche is interested in more specific, crossed-over passions. These groups are fanatics about one or more specific interests, hobbies, careers, etc. By identifying these precise groups, you will more likely gather stronger interest when capturing their passions with a unique design.

Example 1

Let's take this simple example: it might be hard to garner interest with a general truck driver tee design. But truck drivers who also love snowboarding are more likely to feel excited about a unique tee that personally resonates with them.


Example 2

Let's take another example. Let’s say we wanted to target rock climbers. However, the rock climbing community is fairly large, and it’d be difficult to make a design stand out from all existing climbing tees. By specifying our audience even more, we can create a shirt that syncs better with our targets’ interests. Perhaps we can try targeting a smaller niche like female climbers.

As shown, the audience has now narrowed down substantially and we now have a targeted niche to create shirts for. Many of our TeeChip users buy shirts that evoke a sense of pride around certain interests and communities. Girls might pride in engaging in a male dominated sport like rock climbing; therefore, this specific audience could be a great example for a custom shirt.

Try thinking of a niche you want to target. Target audiences with three or more intersecting demographics/interests and see if you come up with any interesting combinations.

Passion and personalization are two key things to keep in mind when finding your niche. The most responsive niches are the ones with strong passions. Some simple ways to measure a niche's level of passion is to check Facebook group engagement, numbers of Pinterest re-pins, responsiveness in forums, etc. Secondly, personalization is key in capturing your target niche's attention. Be sure to research extensively into your niche's passion to understand what clicks with them. You want to amaze your niche when they come across your shirt and go: "Wow! That is exactly me!"

Although niche searching could be daunting sometimes with so many interests out there, but don't worry we've all been there! You can always start by simply browsing through your facebook friends' interests for inspiration. Look for ones with a involved community and high engagement. Keep in mind that the smaller and more targeted your niche is, the better. Be sure to figure out what exactly are they passionate about, and why they are. It's also crucial to know where you can find them on the internet to promote once you have your campaign ready. There are a million ways to find your niche, be creative and just look for heated passions around you!