You probably already have a email list or a social media following if you are reading this. TeeChip gives you a whole new way to utilize your list to offer them customized t-shirts, mugs, phone cases, and posters. Our drop-shipping model allow you to create this offer with zero costs and risks. 

Now let's talk about email marketing. 

Email marketing gives marketers the leverage to build relationships with their audiences. We strongly recommend you to reach out to your audience directly if you already have contacts with them via email marketing. 

Email list is a very important asset for many of our sellers. Even if you don't have any lists right now, you will be building your list with each sale you are making on TeeChip. Join our VIP Program for special features like accessing buyer emails. Email gives you the ability to speak to your audience directly knowing they've expressed interest in your offer.  Now you have more chances to convince and guide them to take on your offer and make the purchase.

Email marketing is great for:

  • Promoting products 

  • Retargeting buyers who've shown interests but did not make a purchase

  • Introducing a new product to past buyers of the same niche

Create an offer

Direct Marketing Association reported that 38% of people say the top reason they subscribe to an email list is to receive special offers. TeeChip's coupon tool allows you to create extremely customizable coupons for all your campaigns. Once you've created the unique coupon url, it is time to share them with your loyal customers with an elaborately crafted email offering. 

Learn more about creating coupons on TeeChip here

Segmenting your List

It's important to segment your list so you could customize appropriate content to each of customer category.

  • Potential Buyers: those you've got in contact with through other channels and you are ready to introduce your TeeChip campaigns with
  • Past customers: those have made a purchase on your TeeChip campaigns
  • Niche segment: those belong in the same niche

There's a different approach to each segment of your list. It can be as simple as giving a coupon code to past customers for a new design or offering free shipping to your potential buyers and increase incentive to buy.

email platforms

There are a number of email marketing services available to help you manage your lists if your following is growing faster than you can manage. 

There are few things to take into consideration when choosing an email marketing platform. 

  • Email templates
  • Analytic options: open rate, click rate, conversion rate, etc.
  • Audience segmentation