TeeChip supports 4 conversion events of the new Facebook pixel. We'll explain what each event means in this article.

First of all, one important thing to keep in mind is that the new Facebook pixel tracks all events as conversions. A conversion does not necessarily mean it is a "purchase" event. This means conversions do NOT equal to the number of sales. Conversions could be any one of the 4 events TeeChip supports: "View Content", "Buy it Now", "Add to Cart", or "Purchase".

You can view the specific conversion events by placing your cursor over "Conversions" of that each ad set in Facebook Ad Manager.

"View Content"

This event tracks customers who have visited your campaign page directed from your Facebook ad. 


"Add to Cart"

This event tracks customers who have added items to their cart by clicking the buy button, "Buy it Now", on your campaign page. However, these customers have yet to select a payment method to proceed with the purchase.

"Initiate Checkout"

This event tracks customers who have visited the checkout page. They have proceeded with selecting a payment method after clicking the "Buy it Now" button. 



This event tracks customers who have made a purchase in your campaign.