Hi Greg, tell us about yourself!

Hi, my name is Gregory Stewart Fey, I was born in 1988 in Pietermaritzburg, South Africa. I attended Maritzburg College in Pietermaritzburg form 2002 to 2006, after which I was fortunate enough to attend the University of KwaZulu Natal from 2007 to 2011 where I studied Fine Arts and have a Bachelor in Fine Arts with Honours Cum Laude, it is where I ultimately developed my ridiculous hour work ethic and I spend on average 50+ hour stretches working and sleeping minimal hours a week, because I believe working hard and smart for long hours leads to success.

What inspired you to start selling on TeeChip?

Well I first came across TeeChip accidentally actually. I wanted more than anything to find a way to create extra income, as at the time I was earning below minimum wage (in US standards) about $250+ a month, and it was heart-breaking for me, as I spent 5 years at University and had been rejected from over 400+ jobs here in South Africa for “lack of experience”.
I found myself working as a designer earning $250+ a month, depending on certain factors that could be less. Before that I had worked as a Bartender for a while which paid next to nothing, $60 to $100 a month.
So in April of 2015 I ended up coming across a number of websites which promoted the “crowdfunding apparel” platforms and I felt excited as I could see the massive potential these had and I had to try my hand at these, but, what I hated about these first platforms was the minimum sales goals requirement to earn anything, which scared me as I didn’t have money to burn on advertising. I came across TeeChip in May 2015 I think, I’d have to look back on my first campaign which is amongst the thousands I have on my account now to find out what month I actually discovered TeeChip, I heard TeeChip mentioned in an article on an ecommerce sellers blog while researching other platforms. Basically I searched for it and found it!
I saw the ridiculously incredible potential TeeChip offered, more so than any other platform that exists. The very High profit margins, the layout of the website including your back office on your account makes it easy to understand and literally has everything you need to start a business with. I haven’t looked back since, every day is a new adventure and new territory to explore, which is unbelievably fun. I am fortunate enough to thoroughly enjoy what I do and it’s really rewarding and incredibly satisfying.

Tell us about your experience with TeeChip.

I can sum up my experience in 4 words, “TeeChip is my Life”. It has been ever since I sold my first shirt back in September 2015, even though it was only 1… that 1 is like getting a shot of adrenaline. You just can’t stop, selling is a massive shot of Serotonin “happiness hormone” in the brain.
In September I would work my day job by day and TeeChip by night and would sleep 4 to 6 hours a night, and would watch my back office with anticipation to see if I made a sale. When I did I was overjoyed and have been overjoyed with every sale I have made since. 

How long did it take for you to score your first big campaign? What challenges did you have to overcome?

Well it took me months really, before I made a large enough sale that I could be mildly comfortable with.
In November I surpassed my day job wage, and I decided, then and there, that I would take a risk and I quit my day job to run with TeeChip full time and I have to say that it has been the best decision I have ever made, so far, financially in my life. 
The challenges I had to overcome have been research and trying to find the right design that would resonate with buyers. You tend to find a suitable design which you think would be the perfect fit for a niche which then doesn’t sell, you could design something that, literally, is so simple which would sell a few. To be honest, I haven’t had any major winners. I would say I have a tendency to design hundreds of small winners, a group of say 100+ designs which would sell between 5 and 20. But I have a system I use where I design within a series. I would design 10 to 20 designs within a niche and link them within a store front or before the store front was available I would use a simple line of code which linked my series of campaigns. I would market that store front or multiple linked campaigns instead of a single shirt, which increased my conversion rates as well as lowering my cost of advertising. I come across marketing multiple campaigns sitting on my veranda (porch) looking at the stars, drinking coffee, which literally happened. I tend to have silly ideas while doing something weird like drinking 3 cups of coffee straight after each other at 2am in the morning lying on the grass outside, even when it’s below zero.
The other challenges I have faced is not having capital for advertising which I literally only have had in the last 2 months. What I was initially doing was advertising on Facebook groups which can work, which I would just shrug and say “so so”.
I had a list of niches I had written down from popular culture niches to sports to animals and I would find Facebook groups associated within those niches and would test designs there to see if they would sell. On occasion they would sell and most wouldn’t, which is the beauty of it really, because you find winners that way. I would get blocked by Facebook for posting in too many niche groups at one given time, usually out of stress because I hadn’t sold anything that week. I have been a bit fortunate that I have sold consistently and would make approximately $1000 a month which I had been doing since November 2015.
July 2016 is where it all changed for me, aww that is where it really had my heart racing. I had my biggest month yet after I started paid advertising on Facebook, kind of a given really, with micro targeted audiences using the new flex targeting on Facebook. I made 3 times I usually made within that month.
From where I started to where I am now and finally finding my rhythm took me 9 months of constant fighting to make it work, because I believe in TeeChip and believe in the company, and believe in the TeeChip team. I am projected to theoretically make double what I made in July for August, and double that in September etc. By December to March I am hoping, well not hoping, I am projected to pass $40 000 a month, according to a few equations I have been “crunching” I am a bit of a math and science geek (ever since I was out of school). So I will see how things go from now until March 2017.
I see TeeChip as a game in many ways which makes it more enjoyable, something I would do as a kid was to imagine life as a video game. More recently during hard times, I would imagine life as a video game that I would just play life as hard as I could to reach the next level or level up. With TeeChip I imagined it as a sort of Sonic the Hedgehog game and would compare sales to rings, with every sale, you collect a ring and it makes it highly more fun to do… So what you’re doing… playing an awesome game called TeeChip… and I am crushing it!!!

How has life been different for you now with TeeChip?

My life has completely changed. Growing up with financial difficulties was always incredibly tough, living within the poverty line, and having a father who didn’t really try to become anything significant and failed a lot and quit when life become tough, which was every day.
My father drew up a lot of financial debt over the years because of his incompetence when I grew up.
In 2012 I was about to leave South Africa for the UK to join the Royal Marines for 4 to 5 years, which was all for one purpose, so I could one day be able to have enough capital so I could study film in Vancouver, Canada (my ultimate dream). I ultimately decided to remain in South Africa through financial difficulties.
In 2012 my father abandoned my mother with all his debts and disappeared, as they were married without a prenuptial, she was entitled to pay off his debts as well, through a variety of consequences, as he just disappeared off the face of the earth.
I am not a fan of bank loans or student loans and never have been. I don’t believe in binding yourself to a financial institution through any type of monetary obligation, unless you’re a start-up and need a substantial amount of capital to build the unbreakable foundation of a start-up, partly because of what I have seen through family experience and will hold that value.
Through TeeChip I have been able to slowly pay off my family’s debts and I can finally reach for my dreams.
I plan by the end of this year to be debt free and to pay off the thousands of dollars of debt that was unfortunately burdened upon my mother and to be able to immigrate to Canada as well. Which has been my dream ever since I was a boy. I finally feel my life isn’t stagnant anymore, I can feel myself moving forward in life.

Any advice for other TeeChip sellers?

If you really want to do something you will find a way. I dreamed about success and I worked for it, anyone can do it, you just need grit, determination and the will to succeed and just NEVER quit! It will be hard and painful beyond anything and you will cry in the corner and you will get anxious but if you push through, you will become a success… What I have realized is just design, upload and sell (if that design doesn’t sell) just design, upload and sell. Keep on designing, I guess it helps that I am a “designer” by trade, but anyone can do this really. It is really simple and you, yes you who is reading this you can become a success. Just NEVER QUIT!
Just one more thing, TeeChip is FUN, Really Fun. Just have the mind-set of wanting to crush it and you will. You have to fail to succeed, which sounds harsh in a way.
Just think of it as your favourite video game, you might fail a level, just do it again and try something different and you will succeed… next level? Awesome.
Just carry on and you will be making thousands if not hundreds of thousands… why not millions? Yeah that sounds fun. Millions of Dollars.
TeeChip has the perfect potential to make you a Millionaire and I am not kidding because it will happen. You just watch! Watch this space this little South African will be making those Millions and you can too. TeeChip for life!

I would like to personally thank the TeeChip team for their support over these last few months and providing the platform for creating something that is unique and has the potential for creating massive success for everyone. I would also like to thank Noah for bestowing me the honor of VIP and being a great support as well which has benefitted me in so many ways as a seller, Thank you Noah and I would also like to thank Zara as well for also being a massive support and also for asking me for this interview.