Once you’ve done your niche research and have some ideas ready, you are ready to start the actual designing process. If you are new to graphic design, hiring a designer might be a good option to consider. Does hiring a graphic designer sound intimidating? Don’t worry! It is actually quite simple to contract a designer on the internet nowadays. We recommend checking out Fiverr, freelancer.com, and Behance.

Be sure to check out the artist’s past work to see if they are compatible with the style of the design you are looking to create. Remember, communication is key when working with a designer to bring an idea to life.

Keep a few things in mind as you communicate with your designer:

  • The idea and niche of your shirt.
  • The style you are aiming for. You could draw a raw sketch and take a picture of it with your phone to email to the designer to give them a better idea of what you want.
  • The number of colors or the colors you wanted for your design
  • The type of font you like for your design
  • The style and color of the garment you will be printing on