With every product and marketing strategy comes a target audience. Creating a shirt you yourself love is very different from creating a shirt that others may purchase and wear. Therefore we recommend to brainstorm what kind of market your shirt would attract and find a target audience before creating a design. 


An audience is defined as “a group of viewers or listeners of a work of art or entertainment”. These users share a common interest, and in this case, they share a common interest in your product - whatever it may promote.

Some examples of audiences may include:

  • Fishermen
  • Rock climbers 
  • Dance enthusiasts
  • Fans of techno music

These audiences all have a common interest that unifies them. If you’ve created a shirt supporting hip hop dance, it wouldn’t make sense to target an audience of fishermen. It’s very important to tailor your design to a specific market in order to make a successful TeeChip Campaign.