Now that you've found your niche and created some awesome designs, it's time to share them with your potential customers! Remember that your designs were created with a specific niche in mind, so the important thing now is to locate your niche’s online presence.

Age, job function, education level, and personal interest could all play important roles in finding where your niche hangs out online. For example, it’s very likely to find 20-something DIY enthusiasts on Pinterest, while it's not so likely to find middle age male fishing lovers on the same media platform.

Knowing where your niche group are most likely to hang out online would allow you share your design much more efficiently.

Two effective ways to market your campaigns are:

  1. Email marketing
  2. Facebook Advertising

Direct interaction with your audience requires having a way to contact your niche. Whether it is an email list or a social media following.

Facebook advertising let marketers reach their niche through detailed demographic targeting. You are able to target age, gender, location, interests, and behavior on Facebook for as little as $5.

We will be talking about both methods in greater details in the following pages.