TeeChip offers the following management tools to make the campaign creation process as smooth as possible:

  • Add Subaccounts
  • Duplicate Campaigns
  • Auto Restart Campaigns
  • Make Campaigns Private

Add Subaccounts

The Subaccounts feature is created for seller teams. This feature is highly customizable in assigning each subaccount with specific permissions:

  • Modify campaign settings: User will be able to end campaigns, change titles/descriptions, show/hide goals, etc. 
  • Download emails: User will be able to download emails for each campaign. (VIP only)
  • Start/Restart campaigns: User will be able to start/restart campaigns.
  • View sales stats: User will be able to view profit/sale stats.
  • Add/modify coupons: User will be able to offer coupons and editing existing ones. 

Duplicate Campaigns

Duplicate campaign allows you to recreate the same campaign with just one click. Many of our sellers take advantage of this feature to create similar campaigns with ease.

Duplicate campaign is located under the Campaign dashboard as shown below: 

Auto Restart Campaigns

Auto restart campaign is located on the final page of your campaign creation. Campaigns with auto restart enabled will be magically restarted once it's ended.

Make Campaign Private

Private Campaigns are not shown in search engine results. Some sellers use this feature to prevent their design ideas from stolen. Private Campaign is also located on the final page of your campaign creation.