TeeChip offers the following marketing tools to help you scale: 

  • Upsell
  • Coupons
  • Analytics
  • Recently Viewed
  • Email Lists (VIP only) 


The upsell feature lets you display add-on items at a discounted price after a customer makes a purchase. Many of our sellers have found the upsell feature to be very effective in generating additional sales.

You are able to add an upsell item to your campaign at anytime. To add an upsell: 

1. Click "Campaigns"

2. Click on "Manage"

3. Click on "Upsell" and click "Add upsell"

You are now able to select and customize the following:

  • Product for upsell
  • Color
  • Size
  • Discount amount (in dollars)
  • Type of upsell: email or modal (modals are pop-ups that are shown after a buyer makes a purchase)
  • Title
  • Description


Coupon is a great incentive for retargeting customers. Once you've collected some leads who have shown interests in your ad and campaign, we recommend to retarget them with a coupon offer. 

1. To create a coupon, click on "Coupons" on your main dashboard.

coupon border.png

2. Click " + Add coupon"

Here you are able to customize a coupon code, type of discount, amount, expiration date, and add restrictions. 

After you've created your coupon code, you can now issue the coupon by appending this to the URL of your campaign. To do this, add "?cp=NAMEOFYOURCOUPON" to the end of your campaign URL.

For example:


Here is an example of what your coupon will look like once a user arrives at your URL:

You can add as many coupon codes as you wish to the same campaign. Just append the coupon code at the end of your campaign url. 


TeeChip supports Facebook Advertising PixelGoogle Analytics ID, and Perfect Audience in both account and campaign level. 

Learn more about implementing your Facebook Pixel here

Recently Viewed

After a customer views your campaign, it will display on TeeChip's home page for that particular customer. This feature encourages and reminds the customer to go back to your Campaign to make a purchase if they haven't already.

Email List

VIP sellers can download a .csv list of customer emails for any campaign that sells 2 or more items. Many of our sellers leverage this to directly email to their leads or create custom audiences or lookalike audiences on Facebook.

To download emails, go to your "Campaign" dashboard and click on the mail icon located on the right side of each campaign.