After you've successfully scaled up a winning campaign, be sure to take advantage of exploring this active niche even further. As we've previously discussed, research and test are two of the most important components in creating successful TeeChip campaigns.

Now that you've found a passionate niche, be sure to test out more designs and products with them. 

Here are few things you should be thinking about:

  • Selling this design on other products: mugs, phone cases, and posters.
  • Selling this design to other countries or states.
  • Create more designs for this niche. Be sure to engage with your customers and find out what they liked about this design.
  • Expanding this design into other niches. Are you able to change some texts or graphics of this design and target it to other niches? For example, "This girl is in love with her veteran" could be expanded into many other career niches: "this girl is in love with her truck driver", "this girl is in love with her pilot", etc.