We are thrilled to announce TeeChip now offers posters at amazingly low prices for our sellers! You will now be able to add posters to all your future campaigns. We've seen a great conversion rate with mug and cases upsells and we are so excited to for this new addition to our product assortment! 

Currently we have high gloss posters in the following sizes:

  • 11*17 Inches
  • 16*24 Inches
  • 24*36 Inches

Poster Pricing

The average market price for posters on most ecommerce sites range from $15-$40. After thorough testing and sourcing, we are thrilled to be able to offer high quality gloss posters at unbeatable prices of $2 to $9 dollars to our sellers. 

To celebrate the this new addition, beginning May 1st to July 1st 2016, we will be offering insanely low prices of $1, $2, $3 posters.

Be sure to take advantage of this launch price and add posters to your campaigns! 

Design Requirements

  • PNG file
  • At least 150 DPI for best quality
  • RGB color space
  • Width or height must be 17'' or 24'' for full design (non-transparent) posters


It's very simple to add a poster to your campaign by using the same t-shirt design. We have a variety of 18 background colors for you to choose from. You can easily place your t-shirt design onto poster colors of your choice and adjust placement to create a whole new product. 

Posters make a great upsell item. Learn more about upsells here.

You could also make poster campaigns with dedicated poster designs, whether it is a photograph or a graphic illustration. Just make sure your design follows our artwork requirements: 

  • At least 150 DPI
  • 11*17, 16*24, or 24*36 Inches
  • RGB Color Space