Shaun is an entrepreneur who has been developing software and creating ecommerce stores for years. He began selling apparel online in January of 2014 to expand the reach and test niches for other ecommerce products.


  • Conduct market research - Shaun wanted to test products to see what audiences and designs worked and what didn't.
  • Expand product lines - “Often, people wanted more than just a shirt or hoodie. Passionate niches want the phone case or mug to go along with their shirts, and TeeChip has allowed us to offer that to customers and increase our overall profits.

Solutions & Results

Shaun was able to use TeeChip to test new niches while bringing in profits to expand product offering, without site development or risk of overhead.

  • Great margins
    • “[This] plays a huge factor because it allows us to increase our ad budget to test niches and learn more about our target demographic.”
  • Easy tracking
    • “TeeChip makes it easy to track and maximize results by enabling Google Analytics, retargeting, and conversion pixels easily for every campaign.”
    • Lets Shaun see what states the sales are coming from to help refine targeting.
  • Higher conversion rates
    • Extremely fast load speed
    • Great design on mobile


Learn by doing!