Once you've found some profitable niches and campaigns, it is now time to scale up. Scaling up could be tricky as your niche could start running fatigue as you increase ad spending.

A few important things to consider before you scaling up:

  • How many impressions have you made with your current ad? Or how many times has your ad been shown?
  • How big is your target audience?
  • How many more potential customers haven't been exposed yet?

Ways of scaling up:

  • Increase ad set budget
  • Retargeting ads with Custom Audiences (audience size of 20+)
  • Lookalike Audiences (audience size of 100+) 

Increasing Budget

Some of our sellers find that drastically increasing budget in one day would sometimes have a negative effect on conversion rate. We recommend duplicating your ad set and increasing budget slowly. You can try increasing budget by 20-30% of your original budget per day.

Retargeting via custom audiences

As we've discussed previously, it is very important to make a Custom Audience and retarget customers who have shown interest but didn't make a purchase. We recommend making a retargeting ad about 3 days after your initial ad set as a reminder. 

  • Implement the new Facebook pixel in your TeeChip account
  • Go to Audiences in Ad Manager
  • Go to Website Traffic
  • Select "People visiting specific web pages but not others"
  • Input your TeeChip campaign url into "URL contains"
  • Input your "http://teechip.com/receipt" into the next box. This will exclude all people have already made a purchase. 

One thing to note is that Facebook is only able to make custom audience if your page has over 20 visitors. Also, it takes about half to one day for Facebook to retrieve your visitors. So don't worry if Facebook tells you "your audience is too small" when you first create a Custom Audience. 

You'll see a green signal in Audiences once your Custom Audience is ready. Now you are able to create a retargeting ad with it. 

  1. Choose your Custom Audience for the Ad Set.
  2. Do NOT include a location, this may limit your Custom Audience.
  3. Do NOT set age bracket and gender unless you are targeting a specific group from your Custom Audience. 

The purpose of Custom Audiences is to retarget those who have visited your page. Unless you have specific reason for narrowing down the targeting, usually we want to reach everyone on the Custom Audience list for retargeting purposes. 

LookAlike Audiences

Lookalike Audiences could be a very powerful tool in scaling up your campaigns. After you've gathered an audience of 100 or more, Facebook is able to find more people with similar interests and behaviors. Note that your Lookalike audience can only include one country at a time. 

You can create Lookalike Audiences with:

  • People who like your page
  • Email list
  • Website visitors tracked by the new Facebook pixel

Differ from Custom Audiences, Lookalike Audiences could potentially create a very large audience. In this case, we want to add in additional demographic and interest targeting to ensure we have an engaging audience. 

In this example, Facebook gathered over 1,000,000 people for this Lookalike Audience and it is too board to target. So we layered Location, Age, Gender, and Flex Interest Targeting options to filter the audience down to 72,000 people. This group was identified similar to people who liked Yoga Memes page, AND is interested in one of the 3 top yoga journals, AND likes at least one of the influencing yogis. Now we can be sure that this audience is definitely passionate about their yoga.